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Your DJ and Entertainment Staff can play a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience of a Quinceañera celebration. Here are several ways a DJ and Staff can contribute to the success of the event:

Music Selection: A DJ is responsible for creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere by selecting appropriate music for different parts of the celebration, such as the entrance, formal dances, and general dancing.
They can tailor the music playlist to suit the preferences of the Quinceañera and her guests, ensuring a diverse mix that appeals to a wide audience.

Master of Ceremonies (MC): A skilled DJ can also serve as an MC, guiding the audience through the various segments of the event, making announcements, and ensuring smooth transitions between activities.

Planning Assistance: DJs often have experience with event planning and can provide valuable input on the flow of the celebration. They can help create a timeline, suggest activities, and coordinate with other vendors.

Photo Booth/Green Screen: Some DJs offer additional services like photo booths and green screens. A photo booth can provide a fun and interactive element, allowing guests to take home memorable pictures from the celebration. A green screen can add a creative touch by enabling guests to have themed or customized backgrounds in their photos.

Videography: While a DJ's primary focus is on music, many also offer videography services or can recommend professionals who specialize in capturing important moments during the event. This can be particularly valuable for creating lasting memories.

Lighting and Effects: DJs often provide lighting effects and other visual enhancements to create a vibrant and visually appealing atmosphere during the celebration.

Interactive Entertainment: A DJ can incorporate interactive entertainment options, such as games or dance contests, to engage guests and keep the energy high.

When hiring a DJ for a Quinceañera, it's important to communicate your preferences, expectations, and any specific requests you may have. A professional and experienced DJ can contribute significantly to the success of the celebration by creating a festive and memorable experience for the Quinceañera and her guests.

how can cut loose entertainment help?

A Quinceañera is a traditional Latin American celebration that marks a girl's transition from childhood to womanhood on her 15th birthday. The term "Quinceañera" refers both to the young woman being honored and to the celebration itself. This event is particularly significant in many Hispanic cultures, and it often combines religious and social elements.

The celebration typically includes a religious ceremony, such as a Catholic Mass, where the Quinceañera may receive blessings and give thanks for her transition. The Quinceañera may also participate in other symbolic rituals, such as the presentation of symbolic gifts, the changing of shoes, and the placement of a tiara or a cross on her.

The Quinceañera is often accompanied by a court of honor, which includes young people who may be her friends or family members. The event usually involves a festive reception with food, music, and dancing, providing an opportunity for the Quinceañera to celebrate with her community and loved ones.

The celebration of a Quinceañera holds cultural, religious, and familial significance, emphasizing the importance of family, tradition, and the transition to adulthood. It is a rite of passage that is deeply rooted in many Latin American communities and is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm.

wHY IS YOUR Quinceañera so important?


What makes DJ Services even more thrilling? Professional lighting! Cut Loose Entertainment goes beyond just playing music – we bring your celebration to life with dynamic and captivating lighting effects.

Imagine your dance floor bathed in vibrant hues that pulse and move with the rhythm of the music. Cut Loose Entertainment specializes in dance floor lighting that transforms your event into a visually stunning experience. From elegant color washes to energetic patterns, our professional lighting adds a new dimension to your celebration.

But it doesn't stop there! Our responsive uplights are strategically placed to create an immersive ambiance that complements your event's theme. As the music changes, so does the atmosphere, ensuring that every moment is enhanced by the perfect lighting backdrop.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Cut Loose Entertainment is committed to making your event not just memorable, but visually spectacular. Let us elevate your celebration with professional lighting that brings your event music to life and turns your reception into an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Get ready to dance, celebrate, and bask in the radiant glow of your story!





Key Features Across All Booths:

- Props Extravaganza: Dive into a world of fun and creativity with our diverse range of props. From quirky hats to playful signs, our props add a touch of whimsy to every snapshot. You can even bring your own themed props to the party!
- On-Site Attendee: Our professional and friendly on-site attendee is there to ensure the booth runs smoothly. From setup to assistance, we've got everything covered so you can focus on creating memorable moments.
- Custom Screens: Immerse yourself in a personalized experience with custom screens that reflect the theme and tone of your event. Our screens add an extra layer of uniqueness to your photo or video booth journey.
- Digital Copies: Cherish your memories forever with digital copies of your photos or videos. Instantly share these precious moments via email, text, or social media.
Photo Booth with Green Screen:

- Green Screen Magic: Unleash your creativity with our Photo Booth's green screen option. Transport yourself to any backdrop, turning each photo into a unique adventure.
- 4x6 Photo Prints: Enjoy vibrant and high-quality 4x6 photo prints that serve as tangible mementos of your special day.
- Background Selection: Choose from a selection of three backgrounds to set the perfect tone for your event. Customize your strips to reflect the theme and ambiance you desire.
360 Video Booth:

- Immersive 360 Experience: Step into the future with our 360 Video Booth. Capture every angle of your event with dynamic overlays, musical enhancements, and cool effects.
- Guest-Friendly: Accommodating 2-4 guests, our 360 Video Booth ensures that everyone gets to be a part of the immersive experience.
- Full Edited Video: Receive a professionally edited video compiling all the clips, showcasing the highlights of your event in a seamless and captivating way.

Cut Loose Entertainment Booth Experiences: Endless Memories!

At Cut Loose Entertainment, we bring the joy of instant memories to your event with our top-notch Photo Booth services. Our packages are designed to offer a delightful blend of tangible prints and digital keepsakes, ensuring your special moments are cherished for years to come.

Photo booth services

Photo booth services


Next Steps:

♥︎ 2nd Videographer $900
♥︎ 4 Additional Uplights  $400
♥︎ Additional Hours of Coverage: $200/hr


♥︎ 1 Videographer for up to 4 Hours
♥︎ 1 DJ/MC for up to 4 Hours (Gold DJ Package)
♥︎ Online Viewing Gallery for viewing, sharing, and printing
♥︎ Pre-Event Consultation
♥︎ 3-5 Minute Cinematic Highlight Video with Music/Voiceovers
♥︎ Full Ceremony Video


♥︎ 4 hours onsite with videographer
♥︎ Drone footage
♥︎ Social Media trailer
♥︎ 3-4 minute trailer (music video style)
♥︎ Full length feature with uncut ceremony and speeches 
♥︎ Digital Files delivered via online gallery (share with friends/family)
♥︎ Unlimited digital download with lifetime access


Photos are incredible—they seize the beauty of a single moment, freezing emotions and details in a timeless frame. However, videos take you on a journey, letting you relive the entire event. From the heartfelt vows exchanged during the ceremony to the laughter and tears shared during speeches, videos capture the essence of your celebration in vivid detail. We can even build photos from over the years into a montage video that celebrates your journey!

Imagine being able to hear the joy in your loved ones' voices, the music that set the mood, and the laughter that echoed through the venue. Our videography services ensure that not a single word or melody is lost, allowing you to immerse yourself in the complete experience whenever you want to revisit those cherished memories.

Preserve your wedding day with the perfect blend of photos and videos. Let Cut Loose Entertainment be the storyteller of your love story, ensuring that every nuance, emotion, and celebration is captured, creating a treasure trove of memories that will last a lifetime.

Capture and cherish your once-in-a-lifetime memories forever! While photos freeze a moment in time, videos go beyond, encapsulating entire events with the added magic of audio. At Cut Loose Entertainment, we understand the power of both mediums in preserving your special day.




Want more info? 

♥︎ ​ Weekly Ask Me Anything 10-in-10 Live Q&A Sessions with Rick for real-time event planning support (Value $1000)

♥︎ ​ Timeline Creation Assistance (Value $100)

♥︎ ​ Client Portal: Communication Management Hub (Value $50)

♥︎ ​ Programmable Lighting for your Music (Value $300)

♥︎ ​ Love Pinterest? Create a Pinterest board and share with us! (Priceless)

When you book any DJ or videography services, you receive these AH...MAZING Bonuses - At No Additional Cost!

It's YOUR day...You will receive top level service making you feel like your event is the only thing happening that day. We will be on-time and ready to create high-vibin' entertainment for you and your guests and capture your memories!

Finally - your wedding day is here!


We’ve worked with hundreds of clients on a wide variety of events and will help guide you to incorporate all of the important details into your big day. We will work with you (and your day-of coordinator if you have one) to create a timeline that will result in a stress-free day for everyone involved (and maximize photo, video, photo booth and DANCING time!).

Craft event timeline

We only need two things to secure your date: The signed contract and the initial deposit. Great news! It is all handled from within that initial brochure we sent you! The brochure includes all the packages and/or services that you selected, along with the total price. There is an invoice included if you need that, as well as a payment plan and a method of paying your deposit and final payment. Simply review the and sign the contract and pay the deposit. This will then secure your event date!

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Ready for more information? Tell us about your event in the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will prepare a custom brochure specific for your event. Also, you can schedule a consultation with me to chat. During our consultation we will dive into what is important to you and your spouse, what do you want for your celebration. Couples love this as it brings them so much clarity and a rough timeline for their event. 

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Which services are you interested in - photography, videography, photo booth and/or DJ services?  Dive into the details pages to learn more about what we offer. Bundle services to receive package savings. 

First, choose your services/Packages


Our Process:

After you secure your date, we will send you a client portal link. This will grant you access to your exclusive client portal. You can view your communications activity, files, payment information, project details, and you can even upload images and files! These help us plan all of the details with you. We have your back and help you every step of the way!

Client portal access granted





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What type of photo booth should I choose?

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How do I know the best package for my event? # of hours? 

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Why should I choose Cut Loose Entertainment over other event professionals?

We care about your experience with us. Your event is our priority. We will be your #1 fan and strongest support from the minute you contact us. We want to make your life easy, by offering all of the services we offer (DJ/MC, videography, photo booth, and photography), we are able to do just that, and we love it. We are firm believers of keeping it real, and when you work with us you receive the support from our entire studio and team.

grab your props, strike a pose!

Brittany & steven thacker

Rick was a pleasure to work with. He DJ’d our wedding and we couldn’t have been more pleased! Thanks again Rick!

"a pleasure to work with"


Rick was absolutely incredible! To say we are beyond pleased doesn’t even begin to cover it. . .I would use him again for another event in a heartbeat. Thank you so much Rick for making our day so special!


bree & lowell corbin

Rick with Cut Loose Entertainment did an amazing job at my cousin’s NYE wedding reception. He has a knack for getting the crowd involved and on the dance floor. Rick plays a mix of event-appropriate and popular dance songs. He truly makes it fun for everyone! He is definitely is a 5-star DJ!

"truly makes it fun for everyone

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